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August 16th, 2011 in Articles by 5 Comments

In our column, “Gear of the Week,” Faster Than Forty drops the dime on the trendiest running products straight from the people who know – the buyers and retail managers at the nation’s best specialty shops. This week Josh Spiker, manager of Tri Running in Camarillo, CA reports that these items are moving quickly:

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 is his Spiker’s best selling shoe. Josh describes The Adrenaline as having a responsive ride, a lightweight feel, great support, and an amazing fit. It conforms to a lot of different types of feet and provides immediate response for runners with pronation issues. The Adrenaline GTS 11 is Brook’s 11th generation of the shoe, and Spiker maintains its increasing popularity is a testament to its design prowess.

The Grid by Trigger Point Therapy is particularly popular on the accessory front. It is a colorful and functional variation of the typical foam roller. Its furrowed outer foam layer and unyielding, hollow core make The Grid a definite improvement on the notoriously deteriorating foam cylinder. It’s unusual texture and bright orange color give it an unusual look. (It also comes in a modest matte black.) However, The Grid does more than just grab attention, it grabs sore hamstrings, tight IT Bands, and aggravated Achilles. After an in-store trial the roller sells itself, Spiker praises. Another advantage to The Grid’s hollow core is its travel utility. It is a great place to store socks, shorts, or even fragile items.

Spiker is a native Californian and was a highly accomplished high school and collegiate runner, winning the California State 3200-meter title, then running for distance powerhouse University of Wisconsin, where he was a 7-time All American. In 2004, he qualified for the Olympic Trials 1500 meters, and in 2009 he won the Carlsbad Marathon. He now lives, trains, and coaches where he started: Ventura, Ca.

Gear of the Week columnist Carlyle Eubank is a graduate of Amherst College, where he ran track and cross country. He is now a scriptwriter living in Los Angeles, and he continues to run competitively. If you have a suggestion for Gear of the Week or need to contact him for any reason, drop him a note here.

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Perfect description of the Grid. While it has a soft foam shell making it pliable, it has a rigid skeleton that keeps it durable and lasting. A quality item.



The writer intrigues me with multi-use functionality of The Grid by Trigger Point. As a backpacker and jogger who is often in need of therapy the Grid could not only help me with my aches and pains but might it also safely hold a bottle of vino?



I can tell you guys from experience the grid is the number one tool used by high school running coaches in California. This year I coached kids from 2 team duals to mt. Sac to the cross and track state finals and besides spikes and warmups, the grid was the most used piece of equipment.



While I’ve found the Brooks line to fit more snuggly than I usually like, I’d be willing to try on the Adrenaline 11 next time I’m picking up new trainers. As for the new and improved foam roller, I totally agree with the other reviews. It’s a great tool that I use personally; it’s a lot cheaper than massage cost.



Thanks for the info on The Grid. I have been meaning to look into getting a different type of roller for a while now. My sucky old foam rollers totally sucked.



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