Faster Than Forty’s NO RUNNING Philospohy

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To join the NO RUNNING movement, text the words FOLLOW NORUNMARK to 40404.

What is the idea behind NO RUNNING? Don’t be fooled by the name or symbol. NO RUNNING is not anti-running. Quite the contrary… NO RUNNING is running’s best friend.

You work hard. You deserve new PRs. It doesn’t matter if you are a sprinter, a marathoner, or triathlete. NO RUNNING is all about making sure you get what you deserve. It is running’s ultimate complement. The yin to running’s yang.

Everyone knows how to run, but running is only half the battle. NO RUNNING provides the balance you need to achieve greater success with less effort (or even greater success with greater effort!). Most of us already know some important NO RUNNING principles, like resting before a race or carbo loading before a half or marathon. But these are just two of a 100 secrets to unlocking your best performance.


What’s the difference between the recreational runner and a world-class athlete? Just two things:

1. Natural-born talent

2. The knowledge to get the most from it

We can’t control the first difference, but we can all benefit from the second.

I wasn’t born with world-class talent. As late as three years ago, running three miles at 8:00 pace was hard work. However, with the power of world-class knowledge I became a world-ranked Masters athlete. At the 2011 World Masters Track & Field Championships, I raced against a number of former four-minute milers and athletes who topped my lifetime PRs before they were even out of high school. Despite this, I defeated all but three.


Most of these talented runners never learned how to get the most out of their talents. Most were so talented as children that they didn’t need an edge to win. They didn’t need knowledge. Unfortunately, this creates problems for less talented athletes who try to follow their regiment. Many of us seek out the fastest runners and ask for their advice. There’s a problem with this — are you getting the advice of a knowledgeable athlete or talented one who didn’t have the knowledge to reach their potential. If it’s the latter, you will be prone to making the same mistakes they did.

NO RUNNING is the great equalizer. Through my experience, I learned that world-class knowledge isn’t just for world-class athletes. We are all human. Because of this undeniable truth, we can all benefit from world-class knowledge. All competitors at all levels.

I’ll be posting a lot more about NO RUNNING through the Faster Than Forty site (and our various Facebook/Twitter/etc. pages) in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned…

Mark Gomes, this Web site’s co-founder, ran track and cross country at Northeastern University.  In 2011, Gomes won the silver medal at the U.S. USATF Indoor Masters National Championships and gold at the USATF Outdoor Masters National Championships.

To join the NO RUNNING movement, text the words FOLLOW NORUNMARK to 40404.

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