Marathon Scorcher — What to Do?

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The 2012 Boston Marathon is shaping up to be a scorcher.  According to the latest forecasts, Wellesley is slated to hit 85 degrees as most runners roll through.  If you’re among the competitors, the average temperature might be 80 for your entire race.

But don’t fret.  It may not be an ideal day for running a PR, but you can earn a much higher placing if you are prepared. Simply understand what you’re facing and adjust accordingly.  Knowledge is power.

A few simple changes will make all the difference.  Here are a couple that many forget or don’t consider:

  1. Sunblock.  Go with a waterproof variety and an SPF over 100.  It will help to keep you cooler.
  2. Stay Hydrated (and fueled). An oft-cited rule of thumb is to drink 4 ounces of fluid per mile.  You’ll need a bit more than that on Monday.  An even pace doesn’t just apply to your running speed. It also applies to your intake.  Keep a steady and frequent pace of fluids, energy, and electrolytes from start to finish.
  3. Slow it down.  Some experts say that going out 1 minute too fast in the first half will hurt your overall time by 3 minutes. Running a conservative first half can set you up for your best possible time (and an enjoyable trip through Kenmore Square).  If you’re feeling great at 13.1, you can always pick it up a bit. But try to keep things in check until Heartbreak Hill.  You’ll be surprised at how much ground you can make up in those final downhill miles.

Spectators can leave their hoodies at home this year

If you want to know how much to adjust your pace, you can access an easy to use pace adjustment calculator here:

2012 Boston Pace Adjustment Calculator

The calculator has already been programed with Monday’s expected temperature, wind, humidity levels. All you have to do is enter your original goal time. The calculator does the rest.

Good luck!


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We needed to make a correction in the calculator and formatting. It appears to work for all times and adjusts properly now!





Thanks for the pace calculator. It is good to have a plan rather tha flying by the seat of my pants!!

The Fishman sis-in-law,

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