NO RUNNING! — Lesson of the Week #9

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Use Proper Form

With the Olympics just a few months away, today’s Lesson of the Week comes from our favorite Jamaican athlete, Usain Bolt. Click here to see the YouTube video.

This is a brilliantly-shot video, enabling viewers to focus on every body part during every moment of each stride. Bolt isn’t the only one to focus on either. In fact, a few of them display even better form than the world record holder. Some things to observe include:

  • High knee-lift
  • Full leg extension, right down to the toes
  • Foot-strike directly under the body

Of course, this video is focused on proper sprint form. As your run-distance increases (and velocity decreases), your form must be adapted to be optimal.

That being said, the point about foot-strike is of great importance. Every runner should do sprints, at least periodically. When you do, you should make sure your foot lands directly beneath you. This differs from the heel-to-toe foot strike commonly employed on distance runs. The distinction is important. When running sprints, your hamstring muscles bear a greater burden. If your foot lands out in front of you, your hamstrings have to do more work to pull you forward. This can lead to hamstring injuries.

I’ve seen this happen in countless athletes. In almost every case, a foot-strike adjustment greatly alleviates the ailment.

As for your distance running form, Chi-Running is something worth investigating. Our own Bryan Huberty is a certified instructor and hosts the weekly Form First Run Club in Miami Beach. Click here to check it out on Facebook.






p.s. A new Training Club may be coming to Miami / South Beach soon. Stay Tuned!

To get lessons sent to your phone, text the words FOLLOW NORUNMARK to 40404.

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