NO RUNNING Team Races Tonight

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Tonight will put NO RUNNING to the test. I will be the ultimate NO RUNNING guinea pig at the iRun / New Balance Mile in Miami.

Between July and December, I did almost no training to get myself completely out of shape. During that time, I gained 18 pounds and turned forty-one years old.

I used NO RUNNING diet principles to lose most of the weight in just four weeks. In December, I ran two 5K time trials. My best time was 19:40 — nearly 4 minutes slower than my 15:55 Masters PR.

Since then, I have been on a NO RUNNING regimen designed specifically for me and the activities I enjoy — playing football with friends on Sundays, doing weights / strides / stairs on Tuesdays, and drills / strides on Thursdays. That’s about it. Just three days a week of targeted exercises.

Combining this regimen with a steady diet of endurance training (i.e. running) would provide the best results. However, this experiment is intended to show how effective NO RUNNING can be on its own.

Considering my 19:40 5K time trial last month, running 5:00 might be a miracle (I don’t know any 19:40 5K runners who can break 5:00, do you?).

Come back tomorrow. I’ll review the results and introduce you to the rest of the NO RUNNING team!


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