Rabbit Ears 5:17.11

May 17th, 2011 in Articles by 3 Comments

Because we’re not just about the Weekly Retro, Rabbit Ears is your new-music audio dump specifically suited to get you pumped (and keep you pumped) during those long, tough workouts. For the inaugural Rabbit Ears playlist, University of Michigan’s Zach Ornelas offers up his “Start List,” five tracks he rocked prior to toeing the line in this year’s Big Ten Championships. Enjoy…

Eminem: Rabbit Run – 8 Mile (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Why? For starters, the word ‘run’ is in the title. (and, oddly enough, the word ‘rabbit’). Key line: “Don’t believe me? Watch, I’mma win this race”

AC/DC: Hell’s Bells – Highway to Hell

Opens with that bell ringing and develops into one of the greatest classic rock songs of all time. Key line: “I won’t take no prisoners, won’t spare no lives. Nobody’s puttin’ up a fight”

Foo Fighters: The Pretender – Foo Fighters: Greatest Hits

One of the hardest rocking songs Dave Grohl has created and the chorus will have you charging down that last straightaway. Key line: “What if I say I will never surrender?”

Kanye West: Stronger – Graduation

2007’s “Stronger” samples Daft Punk, paraphrases Friedrich Nietzsche, and is ripe with lines displaying Kanye’s loveable cockiness.  Carry some of that Kanye swagger with you to the line. Key line: “That that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger”

Deadmau5: Ghosts N Stuff – Ghosts N Stuff – Single

The giant mouse head is becoming a dance music icon. The“Ghosts N Stuff” beat is a great one to have stuck in your head as you pound out mile after mile.

Zach Ornelas ran a 9:14 steeplechase in the Big Ten Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Although he loves running and living in Michigan for school, he can’t wait to get back to Texas where it’s always sunny! Agree or disagree with his song choices? Drop him a note in the comments or through the Contact page.


Author: FasterThanForty


Needless to say,none of this music is familiar to us,but if you like it and it helps with running etc.go for it!!!! We are very proud of your accomplishments!!!!!
Our love always—Nana and Papa



I agree with your song choices, Kanye’s “Stronger” is one of my personal faves for running!
One question though, where is ACDC’s “Highway to Hell” link?

Sarah M


We figured the easiest way for people to get the songs was from iTunes — but apparently AC-DC does not share our love for Apple… They’re not in the iTunes catalogue.



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