Rabbit Ears 6:09.11

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Because we’re not just about the Weekly Retro, Rabbit Ears is your new-music audio dump specifically suited to get you pumped (and keep you pumped) during those long, tough workouts.  Following up his fun to dance to playlist from last week, University of Michigan’s Zach Ornelas brings you five more songs that are great to listen to before or during these hot summer runs!

The Naked and Famous: Punching In a Dream – Passive Me Aggressive You

Making their second appearance on a Rabbit Ears playlist (and repeat appearances on my car’s sound system), The Naked and Famous’ “Punching in a Dream” is another catchy tune to get you energized for a long run.

Peter Bjorn and John: Young Folks – Writer’s Block

You’ll be humming this hours after you listen to it. Not a pump-up track but a perfect tune for a long, easy run.  (Avoid the Kanye West remix, however. Atrocious.)  Key Line: “It doesn’t matter what we do, where we are going to, we can stick around and see this night through.”

The Black Keys: Howlin’ for You – Brothers (Deluxe Version)

If this is your first exposure to The Black Keys, you’re welcome. Definitely recommended to get you pumped for a summer workout. Key Line: “It’s true, baby I’m howling for you.”

Bright Eyes: Jejune Stars – The People’s Key

Fresh off the 2011 release The People’s Key, and more energetic than earlier Bright Eyes tracks. Key Line: “Every new day is a gift, it’s a song of redemption.”

Jamie T: Sticks ‘n’ Stones – Kings & Queens

Three straight playlists now featuring a lead singer from the UK. This song combines rock, pop, and rap for a catchy song great to run to. Key Line:”Running with believers, no time for fever.”

Zach Ornelas ran a 9:09 3,000-meter steeplechase in the Indiana Milers Club High Performance Meet recently. Although he loves running and living in Michigan for school, he can’t wait to get back to Texas where it’s always sunny! Agree or disagree with his song choices? Drop him a note in the comments or through the Contact page.



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