Race Recap: Teterboro Airport 5K

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The Faster Than Forty editorial team scours the nation for fun or funny road races we think you will enjoy. Rider University’s Paige McAtee recaps the Teterboro Airport 5K.

I decided to take my own advice and run the Teterboro Airport 5K, which was featured in the “Your Silly Road Race” column on May 26th. This year’s 14th running of the race took place on the runway at the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on July 16th.

I have attended this event for the past six years, and I always recognize some familiar faces at the starting line, but the race continues to grow and attract new runners. In 2010 the race had 786 participants, and according to the race results, it had 838 finishers this year.

Karen Schumacher, from Astoria New York is also a regular at this race. She has run five Teterboro Airport 5K’s since 2000. She explained why she keeps coming back. “It’s a good crowd; it’s a good vibe, and it’s a fast and flat course,” she said. “The race has great amenities and great people; it’s a lot of fun.”

There are absolutely no hills and few turns, so times are typically faster than other road races. This year’s race was quite hot for an 8:30a.m. start, and although I was desperately wishing for shade, I also took full advantage of the two water stops during the race – as did nearly everyone else. Despite a lack trees offering shade, it is easy to spot planes along the runway, which I find exciting.

“We actually used to have a chase plane here, and it [was] the only place where you could chase a place down the runway,” said Schumacher.

Sadly Teterboro does not use a chase plane anymore. Another interesting item the race had a few years back was a fire truck spraying water at the halfway point. That would have been useful considering this year’s heat.

Given the race’s out-and-back course design, the other runners and I had the chance to watch the winner, Derese Deniboba, race past us en route to a finishing time of 15:07. The top woman finisher, Muliye Gurmu finished 25th overall with a time of 17:57.

There are many reasons why I love this race. I enjoy the 8:30 a.m. start time. I enjoy the out-and-back course, and the unique airport setting. But a big reason I love this race is the chance to grab so much free swag! There is a $1,000 random prize giveaway for one lucky winner and goodie bags for every runner.

This year, everyone received a PSE&G drawstring bag. Inside the bag – as always – was a unique assortment of items: a 23-watt compact fluorescent light bulb, a 1-800-DENTIST toothbrush, a 60 minute DVD workout video sampler from Acacia, Banana Board Sport Performance SPF 30 Sunscreen, a gift card for Redstar Worldwear, and a bunch of other interesting items. But that’s not all…

When runners cross the finish line, a volunteer hands them an index card with a blue or yellow sticker. No matter what sticker a person receives, the prizes are generous. I happened to receive the yellow sticker this year. There was a display of items to choose from, and I picked out a TGI Friday’s coupon for a free appetizer or a dessert. I must have looked awful after the race because the woman working the gift table gave me two coupons for Friday’s out of pure compassion.

Persons receiving the blue sticker get a completely different collection of items to choose from. (Last year I had a blue sticker, and I received a $25 gift Certificate to New Balance. I also received a $10 gift certificate to New Balance from placing second in my age group. $35 off at New Balance is a pretty respectable deal I must say!)

After the race there was a “Mini-Flyer” Dash, where children younger than age 10 do a sprint through the finish line. The children and the parents had a blast with this.

Overall, the Teterboro Airport 5K does not disappoint, and I hope even more people in the New York/New Jersey will consider this event next year. I would love to see more new face!

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Paige McAtee is a sophomore journalism major at Rider University. She competes in cross country and distance events.


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