Varsity Club

You’ve reached the future home of Faster Than Forty’s Varsity Club, our proprietary library of research reports, performance calculators, and other goodies to help you train better. As a member you will be able to gain access to a bunch of great tools and research, including:

The FTF Personalized Performance Predictor – By entering several basic data points you can predict your best potential times in upcoming races, determine the optimal race distance for your body, and compare your performances with people of similar age or body type all over the world!

Research papers like the Weil Foot & Ankle Institute’s Prevention and Treatment of Common Running Injuries in the Competitive Athlete, or Rick Miller’s papers measuring the effectiveness of the “Slow-Carb Diet” on distance running,  and and many others. (Consult our blog for updated lists of the papers in our research library. Cloud tag = ‘research.’)

Refer back to this page in late June/early July for details on Varsity Club membership — or drop us an e-mail on the Contact page or ‘like’ our Facebook page.