Weekly Retro 6:24.11

June 24th, 2011 in Articles by 0 Comments

Each week, “The Weekly Retro” presents a slice of old-timey track & field goodness via pics, playlists, and more… This week: the mystery of the 2004 U.S. Olympic Trials 1,500-meter heats.

Ned Leads The 2004 Olympic Trials

In honor of our fearless leader Mark Gomes making his way to the National Championships in Eugene this weekend, we pulled a photo from Nationals past. This 2004 shot made us a-flutter because it’s a fantastic full-motion race shot, and it happens to feature friend and former Northeastern University teammate Erik Nedeau leading the pack. But when we went to the USATF site to cross check the results with the image, we found something interesting.

The photo seems to clearly show (from left to right) BYU’s Nathan Robison, an unidentified Team Reebok runner, Team Reebok’s Rob Myers, Georgia Tech’s Brendan Mahoney, Arkansas’ Said Ahmed, and Team New Balance’s “Ned” leading the pack. However, the LYNX data on the USATF results page don’t put Ned and Myers or Mahoney in the same preliminary heat.

What gives, USATF? Does anyone know the answer to this? (Ned claims he only ran one heat at the 2004 Trials and did not advance…)

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