Weekly Retro 6:04.11

June 4th, 2011 in Articles by 1 Comment

Each week, “The Weekly Retro” presents a slice of old-timey track & field goodness via pics, playlists, and more… This week’s Retro is a gratuitous throwback to co-founder Rick Miller’s favorite band, The Pixies. Self-indulgent? Sure. Relevant? When you drop the following tracks into your favorite tempo run playlist, you’ll hear exactly how Joey Santiago’s vicious licks and Black Francis’ etheral lyrics complement and then transcend the physical plane — a plane you’re likely trying to forget about four reps deep in a set of one-mile pickups. Twenty years later, these tracks are still among the most effective leg-turners in the history of rock & roll.

The Pixies: Debaser – Doolittle

The Pixies: Bone Machine – Surfer Rosa

The Pixies: Tame – Doolittle

The Pixies: Break My Body – Surfer Rosa

The Pixies: Distance Equals Rate Times Time – Trompe le Monde

The Pixies: U-Mass – Trompe le Monde

The Pixies: Gouge Away – Doolittle

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