Why Us?

Faster Than Forty aims to accomplish several things:

First, we are an unbiased source for research and data related to proper training techniques & workouts, diet & supplements, shoes & gear, and injury prevention & treatment for runners. We skew slightly toward Masters (the 40-and-over set), but the data and information we publish is likely applicable to runners of any age.

Second, we are the online destination for news about Mark Gomes and his Masters running career.

Third, we are a source of running news and running-related entertainment, commentary, and miscellany. Our comments sections are open to anyone, and we invite you to spark or join a conversation.

We are not advertising-supported. We consider ourselves the “Consumer Reports” for training/diet/gear/medical advice for runners. We present information with no bias. We practice what we preach and test training/diet/gear/medical advice on ourselves, using methodologies that are as objective as possible. We develop tools people can use and customize to best fit their own training situations.

We try also to maintain a strong focus on publication design and style because we believe good design = good entertainment. We hope you think we have succeeded!

For more about who we are, check out our ‘About Us‘ page.